Sweaty package? – Try this funky underwear that separates your balls!

It’s not easy keeping up with the latest underwear technology today and finding the right underwear that separates your balls can be a tiresome task!!!

Underwear that separate balls

You may have noticed that the “tighty-whities” of the past are slowly making way for a new type of “pouched underwear” that assures wearers comfort and support like never before!

The kind of undies that proudly present your package and receive the most praise may not be the most comfortable and may not leave your junk feeling properly situated.

As all men know, our underwear is vitally important and should be your best friend by keeping everything where it should be…BUT….if you’re wearing the wrong kind of underpants, your wedding tackle may appreciate you considering the other options available!

Advantages of testicle support underwear

  • enhance the size and profile of your package
  • provide extra lift and better support for your junk
  • protect your wedding tackle
  • make extra space to minimize stickiness, sweating, and tackle-squashing
  • promote a more natural hanging position for extra comfort

The best underwear that separates your balls!

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OUR PICK – SAXX Underwear Co.

Us guys know that the one thing we want to avoid whether it be on a hike, a multi-day music festival, exercising, or just running errands is chafing around the groin area. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had the problem and if it isn’t addressed, it can really ruin your day.

SAXX have the answer with their patented “BallPark Pouch” and they are our pick of the best brands for pouched underwear. These babies will keep your package separated from your inner thighs enabling you to enjoy activities without getting the dreaded B.S.L (Ball Stuck to Leg) Syndrome.

The SAXX Vibe shorts are made from a super-comfy viscose/spandex blend which does a great job in wicking away moisture, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about painful chafing.

Not the cheapest but certainly the best, the SAXX Vibe boxer briefs are our pick of the best men’s underwear with a pouch for the balls

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RUNNER UP – 2Undr Underwear

2UNDR’s vision was simple. Inspired by the kangaroo’s pouch, they set out to come up with a high-performance athletic underwear that had enough comfort and versatility for everyday use in all environments.

The Canadian underwear brand utilizes the most advanced construction techniques and materials available to keep your man-junk separate from the rest of your body and reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact. 2UNDR’s famous “Joey Pouch” is indeed a soft and comfortable haven for your family jewels and a great way to avoid sweaty balls.

The 2UNDR boxers provide tons more support than a standard brief or boxer and also keep your junk cool thanks to the improved airflow design. Made from modal and cotton, they offer a killer combo of the breathability of cotton combined with the silkiness of modal. The Swing Shift boxer briefs with a pouch for your balls are perfect for your everyday hustle and even get softer and comfier every time you wash them!!!

The cool 2UNDR Swing Shift boxers are our pick of their range. Made using only premium fabrics, the pouch gives your genitals the seclusion they’ve always wanted.

The seamless flat-locked stitching and construction seams are ergonomically designed to avoid any potential rubbing/chafing issues and the waistband is extremely durable and comfortable.

All in all, these babies are among the best testicle-separating undergarments on the market today.

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ALSO GREAT – MyPakage Underwear

MyPakage have an ambition ……to set a new benchmark for the best pouched underwear on the planet.

Featuring their patented KeyHole Comfort Technology, the 3-dimensional internal pouch gives awesome support and comfort. It cradles your man-package allowing total freedom of movement without any need to shift or adjust.

MyPakage undergarments are made from a blend of Modal (95%) and Spandex (5%). This fabric has been proven to be about 50% more absorbent than Cotton while still remaining totally breathable.

An often overlooked feature of men’s underwear is commonly known as a “pucker panel”. This panel of fabric allows seams to be removed from the main comfort areas of the garment to avoid any chafing between legs and balls.

The MyPakage Weekday boxer briefs also have a no-roll waistband and are tagless. These babies are total underwear perfection for those on the hunt for boxer briefs with a pouch for the balls.

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The four types of underwear


Made from a non-stretch material, boxers have a simple design that allows your balls to dangle naturally (maybe to the left or maybe to the right). They are often favored by chubbier dudes that want to hide their extra pounds.

Their basic design can “choke” your man-package if you happen to sit the wrong way and this kind of underwear is also known to “ride up” your legs (if you happen to be wearing shorts over them when a mishap occurs, your genitalia could be on display for the world to see!


Favored by more muscular types, briefs are made from elasticated material and give tons of support to your genitals. The issue with briefs is that they are hot and by their very design, your penis and balls are unceremoniously squeezed into the groin.

Another flaw with briefs is that they are not fitted with a fly which can cause problems if you have had a few beers and need a leak. Without extra care, your briefs may spring back causing “splashbacks” and potentially wet undies (not a good look!)

Brief style underwear can also rise up at the back, exposing your M.P.L (man panty line) so when wearing low cut jeans, you might as well just save yourself a few bucks and slip on a pair of your wife’s panties. If however, you want your genitals to feel cool and unencumbered, you may need to consider a different style.

Boxer briefs

As their name suggests, they supposedly combine the best functions of boxers and briefs. Boxer briefs do a good job in giving some support to your nether regions and prevent them from being strangled. They are widely considered to provide more functionality than stand-alone boxers or briefs and are often the first choice for athletic types.

There are still the same issues of your junk being smushed together and high temperatures but there is another option which takes care of these problems.

Pouch underwear

The last type of underwear for men is the reason for this article. Pouch underwear has all of the benefits of boxer briefs with an added function that will keep your junk feeling supported, separated, and cool to prevent a “hot-mess” developing in your undies.

Men’s underwear with a pouch for the balls promote natural “hang-age” of your organs while keeping the shaft neatly isolated from the testicles. This results in less heat, reduced friction, and a significant reduction in sweating & sticking to keep your family jewels feeling cool, comfortable, dry, and perfectly placed…(every man’s heaven!)

There is still no guarantee that they’ll fit your tackle like a glove but we can assure you that they will keep your man-sausage and nut-sack separated from your groin area leaving you feeling uncompromised and worry-free!

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