Nike and Apple Team Up for Pure Perfection – the NikeLab Apple Watch

NikeLab Apple Watch

For the cool cats who love a functional, tech-heavy watch — the NikeLab Apple Watch could be just what the doctor ordered. The product of the NikeLab innovation center the streamline, ultra-modern and functional watch continues to bring together two of the world’s most powerful brands.

Features are off the chart but here are our faves; built in GPS to track your runs, heart rate monitor, swipe screen, weather info you can even share your runs with friends, compete on virtual leaderboards and send virtual fist-bumps to your fitness buddies!

Like all Apple Watch Series 2 models, Apple Watch Nike+ has built-in GPS to track your pace, distance, and route — even if you don’t have your iPhone with you. With the brightest display Apple has ever made, your metrics are easy to read, no matter how much the sun glares.

The predecessor, the Apple watch, had a mere single core processor while the new NikeLab model has a super quick dual core. The display is also 2x brighter than the original. A great use of the increased power is the slick scrolling screen and the very slick zoom in / out function which is controlled by a side button.

A quick rundown of features now on the watch are heart-rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, and full integration with Apple devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This baby comes with a standard charger, a handy Wi-Fi charger, and a spare smaller band.

We love the very “Star Trek” feature that when you look at your watch the screen comes on and when you lower your arm back down, the screen switches off. These little touches are why Apple is dominating the tech market these days. We are also big fans of the “ping your phone” function so you’ll never have to hunt for your iPhone again!

Another beautiful function is for after the watch has been used in water. With the press of a button, the watch starts humming as any excess water is ejected from the watch…wow!

The NikeLab Apple watch really comes into its own when paired with your iPhone. When set up, your phone will automatically unlock the watch and when you lock your phone again, the watch will lock, too. This is a great security feature as many people will be using the Apple pay function.

Instagram lovers will be well chuffed that the AppleLab Watch works great when checking your feed and liking those bikini-clad Colombian beauty selfies!  We also adore the Breathe app which sends a message to your watch telling you to take a second to breathe properly, which sounds silly at first but just try it!!

The watch is customizable in that the straps can be changed for other funky colors. The watch is very well engineered and the strap change takes about 2 seconds. Just swiping right on the face of the watch will change the watch face. You can even use your own pictures, too!

Whether you’re just getting started with jogging or you’re faster than Usain Bolt, the Nike+ Run Club app provides you with just what you need to make your running better than ever. With the motivation of millions of runners behind you and top drawer guidance around every turn, this device will help you go farther, faster — and have more fun doing it.

Integration with the Nike+ Run Club app (now up to over a million members) — and 50 meters water resistance will help you keep “as fit as a flea”. There are 38 and 42mm diameters available and whether you are a desk jockey or triathlete, you will find no end of useful functions.

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