uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

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The uKeg 64 keeps your favorite ales fresh and carbonated for up to 2 weeks

Vacuum insulated 8/18 copper-plated, stainless steel keeps beer cold all day long

Variable Pressure Regulation Cap (VPR Cap) maintains perfect carbonation

Share your beer and homebrew with buddies at parties & BBQs

1-year guarantee & lifetime customer support


$199.99 (as of December 13, 2017, 10:19 pm)


Your favorite microbrews isn’t sold in a bottle? Never fear!!!! The uKeg 64 is here!!!

For those times that you take home that limited-release double IPA from your favorite brauhaus, it probably comes with you in a glass growler. However, we know glass growlers are not perfect: They go flat once they’re opened, they let in air, which spoils your beer, and they don’t travel that well either.

GrowlerWerks’ mission was to make a growler that works. One that doesn’t let air seep into your ale, maintains perfect carbonation from the first pour to the last, and keeps beer cold for many hours – all in a product you’ll love showing off at your friend’s next BBQ or party.

GrowlerWerks was created by local Portlanders who adore craft beer. We’ve drawn on a combined 47 years of engineering and product-design to make a better way to keep your beer, so it always tastes exactly how the braumeister intended.

Using the cap is as easy as using a seltzer bottle or refillable whipped cream dispenser.  Its innovative feature is variable pressure regulation — that can be set from zero (off) up to 15psi. On the uKeg, the cap automatically regulates pressure to continuously maintain your desired carbonation level. You don’t need to manually refill or use separate filling devices. One CO2 cartridge keeps one uKeg growler full of beer fresh for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Load a CO2 cartridge in the holder and screw onto bottom of the cap.

Fill the growler with your favorite beer and screw on the cap.

Set your desired carbonation level with the selector dial. The regulator automatically maintains your setting.

Pour your brew, drink, enjoy, & drink some more!!

CO2 cartridges are readily available online or at kitchen stores for less than $0.50 ea. Two cartridges are  included with each uKeg.

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