Sex Toys for Dudes – Still TABOO?

Sex Toys for Dudes

WARNING – If you are a prude then maybe it’s a good move to stop reading here!!!

Women’s use of vibrators is often celebrated with advocates claiming sexual liberation…so why are sex toys for dudes surrounded by a constant air of unease and embarrassment?

A recent survey in the UK found that almost a third of all WOMEN proudly admitted to owning a sex toy whereas only one in eight MEN (12%) confessed to owning one.

That is definitely a double standard when it comes to sex toys. Men that use sex toys are often seen as creepy weirdos  or subversive perverts. This misguided stereotype is based on incorrect information spouted by morons but at long last, the stigma is starting to fade.

Sex Toys for Men

Are male sex toys safe?

Yes, they are if used responsibly and are kept clean. If not, they can pass on STIs. This situation is easily avoided by keeping the toys clean and not sharing / using them with different partners.

Sex toys should only be bought from a trusted source and you must follow the instructions on how to clean and store them correctly for safe and healthy fun.

But go steady guys!! “Lovehoney” (the UK’s largest sex toy retailer) saw an alarming 25% spike in sex toy related injuries in early 2015. Why? It’s not a coincidence that this coincides with the release of the raunchy and bondage-heavy movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”! Sex toys should be used for pleasure and not for pain!

Choking the Chicken

Here we go penis rings, fleshlights, vibrators, penis-pumps, pocket-vaginas, handheld and hands-free masturbators, prostrate massagers,  realistic butts, realistic vaginas, and sex dolls….Phew!!!

Prostrate Massagers – According, the most popular male sex toys are prostrate massagers. These devices are designed for the more discerning gent and are exquisitely shaped to fit the male form and stimulate your prostrate.

Penis Rings – These are rings which are worn around the penis (usually the base). The main purpose is to restrict blood flow away from the member which produces a stronger and longer erection!

Penis rings are often worn by those suffering with erectile dysfunction or recreationally by those wanting to apply for “Stud of the Year”!!! Cock-rings can be made from silicon, glass, or wood and some are fitted with small vibrators.

There is also an option for the balls! Rings that are worn around the nut-sack are usually called testicle-cuffs or ball-stretchers.

Masturbatory Aids – The Fleshlight is the king when it comes to devices to yank your plank! Designed in 1998 as a “discrete sperm collection device”, it has sold more than 400,000 units in Europe alone this year!! With sales forecasts for late 2017 even higher!

There are literally hundreds of my male masturbators available now, to meet the ever-increasing demand from guys that are looking for new and interesting ways to choke the chicken!

The driving force behind fleshlight’s staggering success is the new wave of openness in society towards sex. It is no longer seen as offensive or unhealthy for gents to spank their monkey! In fact sales of male sex toys have risen by 1000% in the last 10 years.

IMO Cock Ring
Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy
Tenga Masturbator
RealDoll Sex Doll

Sex dolls come in all different shapes and sizes. From the 1970’s style inflate-it-yourself vinyl dolls to state-of-the-art realistic sex dolls costing over $10,000 each!

One of the top manufacturers of high-end sex dolls is “RealDoll”. Every doll takes at least 80 hours to make and is finished to the customer’s specifications including custom fingernails, nipples, hair, and makeup. RealDoll currently produce 18 female body styles but only 2 males. The dolls come in five different skin tones with 39 faces to choose from.

Absolutely not! But we cannot deny that there is a palpable fear around straight men being branded as gay if they use a prostrate massager. The misconception that enjoying anal stimulation means that you are a homosexual is totally ridiculous and without evidence! The fault for this stigma lies solely with the adult toy companies who purposefully pitched their products at gay men for many years.

This “put-off” many straight men from experimenting with this kind of sex toy. Thankfully, straight guys everywhere can now “get in on the action” as attitudes towards these matters have come a long way in recent years.

In 2014, “FHM” conducted a Male Sex Toy Survey of five thousand dudes…here are the findings:

70% of men said that they should not feel embarrassed to buy a sex toy.

78% of men said they would think about buying a sex toy to use alone…22% said “Definitely Not!”

51% of men admitted to having a sex toy. The most popular toys were penis rings at 30%, followed by fleshlights, prostrate stimulators, penis pumps, and stamina rings.

69% said that they would be very happy indeed if their partner used a male sex toy on them during their love making.

60% of men reported using a female sex toy on their partner…….and only a tiny 4% said that it was weird!!!

Joking aside, the health benefits of a healthy sex life have been well documented with the most famous research done by Harvard Medical School in which they found that regular orgasms can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22%. Therefore, any masturbation (whether with a sex toy or not) is a good and healthy activity.

Hisonlee Anal Sex Toy
Sex Doll Amazon
Jenna Haze Fleshlight

The best place to buy most new products is Amazon. The shopping giant has a massive section devoted to sex toys. The main products can be found easily using the links below;

Imo Vibrating Cock Ring

This penis ring is (at time of writing) the best-selling sex toy on Amazon. This baby has over 500 reviews with an impressive 4.1 out of 5 star rating.

If you are looking for a toy to spice up your sex life, boy-oh-boy!… have you found it!

This Willy ring is made from silicone and will stretch to fit any size member. There are 7 Vibrating speed modes to make you harder than long division!

This cock ring is also fitted with a bullet which is ergonomically designed to hit a woman’s G-Spot…BONUS!!!

The toy is totally waterproof so fans of watersports will be pleased. It cleans easily and comes with a little black storage box. Neighbors will never guess what you are getting delivered as it comes in a very discreet package straight to your door. So what are you waiting for? Check it out at Amazon.

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IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring - Waterproof Rechargeable Penis Ring Vibrator...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was in: December 13, 2017 6:12 pm

$25.96 $99.00

The Sasha Grey – ULTRASKYN – Pocket Pussy Masturbator

With over 1700 news on Amazon, the Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy has proved a big favorite for those fellows wanting to get the job done with the least expense!

This Pocket Pussy has been modeled on the undercarriage of top adult film star Sasha Grey. It is made from an amazingly lifelike material called Ultraskyn which feels just like real skin!

This male sex device has a single opening which is designed to create suction for a more realistic sensation. This cheeky masturbator is proudly made in America from body safe and phthalate-free materials.

So guys, if you ever dreamed of a sexual liaison with the gorgeous Sasha Grey and you need a cheap sensual masturbator that gives waves of pleasure, this wicked sex toy could be right up your alley.

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Doc Johnson Sasha Grey - ULTRASKYN - Cream Pie Pocket Pussy -...

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Paloqueth Vibrating Prostrate Massager

“In the market for some butt-fun?”

With two powerful vibrating motors and 10 modes of vibration, this trending sex toy is designed to hit your P-Spot!

Made from top quality medical grade silicone, this awesome sex toy is completely waterproof so you can throw away that old rubber duck for some bath-time action!

With a handy rechargeable USB function, you will never have to buy batteries again. It is fully charged in 2 hours leaving you free to indulge your desires anytime, anywhere….

This prostrate massager comes with its own remote control and feels incredibly soft and smooth on the skin. The L-shaped design is perfectly contoured for easy insertion and increases in thickness as you plunge the depths!

FDA approved and certified, you can see it at Amazon here. ­­­­­­

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PALOQUETH 10 Powerful Speeds 8 Very Strong Vibration Patterns Personal Body Massager,...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
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Whatever kind of sex-life you are having; whether it be with the girl of your dreams or all on your lonesome. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks….life’s too short….if it feels good keep doing it!!!….and of course STAY SAFE!

Stay Safe

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