Need a running watch with Spotify? – We found it!!!

If you’re looking for a running watch with Spotify, you should seriously consider Samsung’s latest offering, the Gear S3!

Running watch with spotify

There’s something the Samsung Gear S3 can do that other smartwatches don’t – it can play your Spotify tunes offline!

To enjoy your Spotify tunes on-the-go, just download the Spotify add-on app for the smartwatch through the Gear Manager app on your paired smartphone. In our humble opinion, the Samsung Gear S3 is the best running watch with Spotify that you can lay your hands on right now (by quite a margin).

Running watch with spotify

The Samsung Gear S3 is also the king of battery life, when fully charged, it can last up to a whopping five days. Unbelievable hey?…you’ll get nearly four days of normal operation and then when the battery reaches 5%, you get an extra 24 hours in the power-save mode.

This very unique smartwatch has a very pretty full-color OLED display, but what about the rest of it?


First things first, how does it look? The Samsung Gear S3 comes in 2 styles; the Classic and the Frontier which both look gorgeous! This article focuses on the Frontier. Finished in gunmetal grey, with a chunky rubber wristband, tough buttons and sweet notched bezel (which rotates with a gentle clicking action very similar to dive watches).

With the S3, the bezel isn’t just for show or timing. Just spin it and the watch screen display loads of different notifications and widget screens. You can also scroll through lists and change the settings with the bezel.


The Samsung watch has a surprisingly responsive touchscreen, but many users report preferring use of the bezel so that they can leave the screen free for browsing. The Gear S3 has an AMOLED panel screen (resolution of 360 x 360) which is covered by Corning’s scratch & shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass SR+.

It’s easy to read in most conditions when at the default setting of seven. A really cool feature is that it automatically dims when there isn’t much light, so doesn’t strain your eyes or bother your neighbors in your local IMAX!

Running watch with spotify

Our only gripe about the Samsung Gear S3 is that it’s quite thick. The S3 Frontier & Classic models are 46 x 12.9 x 49mm (including the lugs). This is wider than most new smartphones, and definitely a consideration if you wear tailored shirts!

The reason for the thickness is that Samsung has fitted a larger, 380mAh battery which gives the watch one of the longest battery lives in its class.

If you are looking for something more streamlined, check out the Gear S3’s predecessor, the Samsung Gear S2.


Samsung has upgraded the built-in GPS. Now you can track your run without having to take your phone along with you. Just wait about a minute for the Gear S3 to lock onto GPS satellites and it’s ready to go!

Samsung running watch with spotify

For people that need to stay connected, the new Samsung S3 features a built-in speaker to go with the microphone. This allows you to answer and make phone calls from your wrist “Star Trek” style!!!

The Gear S3’s Wi-Fi connectivity is also very impressive. In fact, you don’t even have to stay in Bluetooth range of your phone in order to receive notifications or make phone calls. So if the phone rings and your phone is in the garden, you’ll still be able to answer it or reject without running around for a better signal!

The Gear S3 is a fantastic running watch with Spotify but it doesn’t end there! One of our favorite functions is the ability to set the watch to deliver timely audible info as you exercise, to motivate you when you most need it. The watch speaker isn’t quite loud enough to hear over traffic noise but you can easily utilize the S3’s Bluetooth connectivity and use a pair of headphones.

For serious runners/athletes, the watch has an optical heart-rate monitor. This tracks your pulse while you are exercising and it also keeps track of your resting heart speed with regular spot checks throughout the day. For the more adventurous, the watch is fitted with an altimeter/barometer so climbers and hikers can track their altitude and the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

There S3 has 4GB of storage for music, wireless charging, and a dual-core 1GHz Samsung Exynos 7270 chip which delivers 768MB of RAM. The Samsung S3 is in our opinion, the best running watch with Spotify money can buy. It runs super-smoothly and responds instantly to screen touches and clicks of the bezel.

Samsung gear S3 with spotify service

The ability to play Spotify is one of the standout features of this smartwatch and this feature is proving extremely popular with folks that want to listen to their favorite music when they are offline and can’t connect to a smartphone (when running for example.)

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