Mercedes AMG GT 0 – 60 in 4.0 Seconds!!

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT

At a glance, the roofline looks slightly 911-esque but behind the wheel, it’s 100% pure Mercedes AMG. The astounding 0 – 60 time of this fabulous car is just one of the many accolades we could bang on about but let’s just look at the pics, hey?

AMG was founded by two men with a passion for motorsport and engineering. Hans Werner Aufrecht & Erhard Mulcher could see an opportunity on every open road and every sweeping bend for more performance and more power. That passion is infused into the DNA of each and every Mercedes AMG car.

Mercedes AMG GT rear

Incredibly, each car is built completely by hand using a “one-man, one-engine” philosophy at their factory in Germany. Mercedes claim that that are only around 50 AMG engine builders. After they finish an engine, each builder attaches an engraved plaque to the engine with their personal signature… cool!

For those that didn’t know, G.T stands for Grand Tourer – usually ”high-performance luxurious cars designed to drive long distance”, the Mercedes AMG is certainly that and a lot more besides!

Mercedes AMG GT Cockpit

The Mercedes AMG was presented to the public in October 2014 at the Paris Motor Show. There are two models, with the GTS being slightly faster at 193mph, producing a whopping 503bhp. The GT version is no slouch though, able to cruise up to 189mph, propelled by a 456bhp V8 engine.

Mercedes AMG GT 0 60
Mercedes AMG

It is not possible to overstate the beauty of this car. Curvaceous, indulgent, aggressive, confident, voluptuous, we could go on….. To conclude, this car celebrates the “spirit of Mercedes sports cars” and more importantly, it’s sure to be a total “CHICK-MAGNET!!!”

Mercedes AMG GT interior

At around the $150K mark, the Mercedes AMG GT isn’t cheap but if you happen to be the Russian President or are sitting on a few hundred Bit-Coins, why the hell not???

Mercedes AMG GT

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