Is Audible Worth It? Check out our Beginner’s Guide!

Let’s just “cut to the chase”…is Audible worth it?….”YOU BET!!!”

Audible is a producer and seller of spoken audio media. Audible has the world’s largest library of audio books. They also produce exclusive and original shows and convert your favorite magazines into audio format!

Audible is a paid monthly service that allows users to access over 200,000 titles of audio books at highly reduced prices.

Audible Books

A – Simply choose an audio book from the massive library of 200,000 titles that are all available to download immediately. Whether you’re into self-help books, biographies, romance, educational books, or the classics, there is truly something for every reader.

B – Sign up to Audible or you can make a one-off purchase.

C – You can then download your audiobook and listen to it on any device including smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players. After downloading the Audible app, you will have your entire audiobook library wherever you go.

D – If you don’t like the audio book, you can exchange it! All audio books are yours to keep forever! However, if you don’t enjoy any book, Audible are more than happy to send you a free replacement of your choice (This is done by returning 1 credit to you).

Audible - Worth it

Yes, it’s really easy! All you need to do to listen to your favorite audiobooks is to download the free Audible app for your tablet or phone. If you would like to listen to your favorite book on your PC or laptop, you can login to the and stream your book straight from the library.

When you join Audible, you will receive two free audio books of your choice.

After the trial period has finished, you will receive one credit per month. With that credit, you may choose any title from the audio library, regardless of price.

If you want more credits, you can purchase these at a discounted price.

Old School Reader

Audible is currently available with a 30 day free trial membership. You can then choose 2 free books from the library of over 200,000 different titles. Just download the Audible app and start listening!

After the 30 day period has expired, if you do not wish to continue with your membership, you can simply cancel the plan with no questions asked.

If you love the service and want to continue, the price is $14.95 plus tax per month (at time of writing).

For this, you will receive one credit per month and a 30% discount on any additional purchases.


Amazon Prime members are able to stream from a rotating list of over 50 audio books. Amazon Prime members will be overjoyed to hear that they will also have totally free access to Audible Channels which provide podcasts with no adverts and all kinds of other audio content.

Audible is compatible with just about every device on the planet. Audible can be used on hundreds of devices from MP3s to the latest tablets and smartphones.

After signing up for Audible, you should download the Audible app to your favorite device as this will provide the easiest listening experience. You are also free to download all of your audio books to all of the devices and computers that you own. Still wondering is Audible worth it?

The audible app is available at Google Play by clicking here.

Audible - Totally worth it

Audiobooks  Now – No cheaper than Audible but only has 80,000 books.

Barnes & Noble – This online bookstore now has an audiobook service.

Downpour – Very similar service and pricing to Audible.

LibriVox – Completely free website for audio books.

Scribd – Good audiobook service with a library of over 30,000 titles.

Audible is the United States largest audio book producer and retailer. Their content includes over 200,000 audio programs from the best publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, and business information providers in the world.

With basic membership, you will receive one free audiobook per month. Considering that you can choose an audiobook with a value of up to $40 – $50, the membership fee is very good value for money.

In addition, Audible recently introduced a new service called Audible Channels. Members also get access to News, education, comedy, and life hacks. This is a great feature for those podcast-addicts out there!

One final thing that separates Audible from the rest of the pack is the Whispersync feature. When you purchase Whispersync books through Amazon, you will receive an audible version and a Kindle version of the audiobook. Whispersync remembers exactly where you are up to and the audio book resumes from exactly where you left off, even when you switch devices… i.e. from your Kindle to your phone or laptop. Amazing stuff!!!

To conclude, if you listen to lots of books whether commuting to work, walking the dog, cleaning, or on the treadmill in the gym, Audible is a fantastic companion, incredible value for money, and if you’re still wondering “is Audible worth it?”…….A RESOUNDING….YES!!!! IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

To sign up or get more info CLICK HERE


Audible has the largest selection of audio books by far!

As it’s an Amazon company, when you browse books at Amazon, you will see if there is an Audible version available.

Great for commuters, fitness-fanatics, and everyone wanting to get through their favorite books fast.

Membership price is very reasonable and other plans are available for frequent flyers!

You can get your credits back for any books you don’t like.

Great customer support.

Audible 30 day free


Not everyone wants a want a subscription service.

Not recommended for very slow readers / listeners as audio books could mount up and make you feel pressured to finish.

Many folks like the feel and smell of a “real” book.

Not as convenient as having a copy of the book that you can just flip / flick through.





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