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We felt the need to review the Flexispot because standing desks have been hitting the headlines lately. Many reports indicate they can improve the way we feel outside of work and actually reduce fatigue and feeling of tiredness!

Potential Benefits of a Standing Desk

1 – Using a Standing Desk Could Lower Blood Sugar Levels

2 – Standing Desks Can Reduce Back Pain

3 – Standing For Longer Periods May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

4 – Standing Actually Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

5 – Standing Could Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

6 – Standing Desks Help to Improve your Mood and Energy Levels

7 – Standing More May Help You Live a Longer Life

The health benefits are becoming evident as many workplaces are switching to using adjustable desks. Sitting for long periods can cause swelling of the feet and ankles and impeded circulation. Standing desks make it easier to transition from sitting to standing positions. When standing, your neck, back and hip muscles are activated. This will help to prevent these muscles from weakening over time. Sit-stand desks also help to burn extra calories and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

An adjustable desk could well be the best purchase you’ve ever made. The Flexispot makes it so easy to switch from sitting to standing positions. Start the day in your regular sitting position and when you feel discomfort, grab the two side handles and the desk pretty much lifts itself. Adjust the height so that you have the perfect standing position.

The flexispot is built like a tank. It can easily hold up to 35 lb. There is no wiggling or rocking like many other adjustable desks we have seen. This may be because this desk only moves up and down whereas others tend to move up and out, which can decrease stability. The compact desk is perfect for the home or even tiny office cubicles.

The Flexispot comes in two colors, black or white. The 35 inch model is wide enough for two large monitors. We really love the slot on the top tray which is perfect to place your iPad, tablet, calculator or phone. The lower keyboard tray is plenty wide enough for even the larger ergonomic keyboards with plenty of mouse-room.

The flexispot is perfect for those up to about six feet two inches in height. The desk has 12 height levels as you transition from sitting to standing throughout the day. This product is principally designed to promote better posture and healthy arm and wrist positions. So, if you are one of the millions of desk jockeys around the world, the flexi spot is an awesome investment in your back and posture.

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FlexiSpot 35" Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Removable Keyboard Tray, White...

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FlexiSpot 27" Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser, Removable Keyboard Tray,...

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