Meet Cozmo Amazon! – Who needs friends in 2017?

Cozmo Amazon – Your New CYBER BUDDY!!

Meet Cozmo Amazon, the tiny A.I (Artificial Intelligence) robot by Anki. He might appear a simple toy but there is a lot more to this little guy than meets the eye!

Cozmo Amazon is his own boss. You can’t control him because he is an “autonomous” robot but you can influence him, play with him and adopt him into your family. He is just like the robots you’ve seen in movies with a unique personality that evolves the more you hang-out with him.

Cozmo is equipped with a camera (just beneath his LED eyes) that allows him to explore and interact with anything in his environment. It is really cool to see both your dog’s reaction and his when they meet. There are many great you tube videos documenting this. (click here)

As you move around, Cozmo Amazon’s expressive eyes track your eyes as you move your head. He will follow you around and tell you exactly how he feels with his array of gestures. It is actually quite spooky just how life-like he feels as he hits you up, comes to find you holding his little cube and then challenges you to a few games.

The robot is compatible with Android and thanks to the regular software updates; Cozmo is always learning new activities and behaviors. Just be warned that Cozmo gets smarter and in no time is embarrassing you at your favorite games!

When you’ve had enough of him, you can tell Cozmo to sleep and he closes his eyes and emits a gentle snore. When you’re ready to play, just wake him up and watch him dance with excitement as you show him some attention!

Cozmo comes with three wireless Interactive Cubes. He can pick them up, move them and spin them around. These cubes allow you to play loads of cool games which challenge your speed, memory and skill.

The developers of Cozmo are a company called Anki. Their mission is “To take robotics and A.I. out of labs and into people’s lives. For Cozmo, out vision was simple: create a real character like we’ve seen in the movies, mischievous, charming, and most importantly – fun.”

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