We’ve found 9 of the coolest hip flasks for discrete liquor-lovers

Welcome liquor-lovers….you are among friends here! Forgive the pun but hip flasks are really hip at the moment and that’s why we have compiled a list of the coolest hip flasks to satisfy your discrete-tippling needs!

Coolest hip flasks

There are tons of occasions when a shot of your favorite liquor is necessary! Whether it’s to warm the cockles on a brisk evening, a sneaky swig at the local cinema, or maybe a cheeky sip or two while hunting or fishing.

Our recommended solution, if you are partial to some liquor on-the-go, is to treat yourself to a cool hip flask which can be stashed away in your backpack or pocket.

There is a huge array of hip flasks available in these boozy times with some being designed with a particular purpose in mind, but most hop flasks do one thing….to get you slowly “pissed” wherever you may be!!!

Hip flasks were originally made from of pewter, silver, or glass. Now, most are made from stainless steel with some still using pewter. A few manufacturers have started to make them from plastic so as to avoid being found by metal detectors!

Hip flasks wary wildly in shape but are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer’s hip or thigh. This ensures maximum comfort and discretion (this kind of design is also known as a kidney flask.)

Some flasks come with “captive tops” which are small arms that attach to the top to the flask so drunken fools don’t lose the top when it is taken off! Some flasks come with tiny cups so you can share your liquor with buddies but traditionally, the booze is consumed directly from the flask.

With that in mind, we have scoured our boozy planet to bring you the coolest hip flasks in the booze-o-sphere!

The coolest hip flasks you can buy right now

Jack Daniels 7oz Black Glass Hip Flask

Did you know that Jack Daniels is the best-selling American spirit? In fact, in 2014, Jack Daniel’s sold nearly $3 billion worth of whiskey.

Taking into account that the average bottle is priced at around 20 bucks, which would be around 150 million bottles of the famous bourbon (now that Lemmy from Motorhead has sadly passed on, numbers have possibly gone down!!!)

This beautiful black glass hip flask is from the classic range Jack Daniels official merchandise. It measures 15.5 cm high X 9 cm X 3 cm and arrives in an attractive presentation box.

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NFL 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Metallic Graphics

For fans of NFL and hard drinking, how about this high-quality stainless steel hip flask which comes with metallic team graphics for the following teams:

Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, and the Washington Redskins.

A real bargain of a hip flask, it comes with a hinged screw cap and can carry 6oz of your favorite beverage.

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Visol “Kalos” 6oz Greek Design Genuine Pewter Hip Flask

If you are looking for top-notch quality and are stunning design, check out the hip flask which is made from genuine pewter with a stunning brushed finish.

The flask is totally handmade and has a real pewter frame with a classy Greek key border on the front casing. The dimensions are: 4.42″ (Height) x 3.40″ (Width) x 1.06″ (Thickness). The approx weight is of this gorgeous hip flask is 10oz.

These hip flasks are one of the best for sustaining the temperature of your beverage (because it’s made from pewter.) The classic flask is also rust-proof and will never tarnish!

This is one of the best flasks that you can buy for the money and would surely make a great gift for lovers of the coolest hip flasks in the drink-o-sphere!

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Stylish Slimline 3oz Highly Polished Pewter Handcast Boot Hip Flask

This chic 3oz hip flask is made from the highest quality polished pewter in Sheffield, UK by Edwin Blyde & co who happen to be the leading provider of pewter design and manufacture in good old blighty!

Smaller than standard hip flasks, this handsome and tactile beverage carrying vessel is a fantastic size for keeping in pockets, boots even in a sporran (if you happen to be a Scotsman!)

The hip flask is L 14cm x W 5cm and comes with a cloth pouch, a gift-box, and care instructions.

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Stephanie Imports Stainless Steel Hip Flask Target Design with Shot Glass

If you are looking for something a little different, this hip flask has a circular shape and in the middle of the flask, you will find a little shot glass!

This funky hip flask holds 8 fluid oz and is one of the coolest hip flasks for 2018. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it’s stylish, discreet, and a great conversation starter at parties or the local bar!

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Stanley Classic Flask

The Stanley classic 8oz hammertoe hip flask is the tipple-carrier that your grandpa wished he had. This super-tough flask is made from 18/8 stainless steel and it’s naturally BPA-free.

Fitted with an integrated lanyard, the Stanley Classic has a rugged design that only looks better with age. It has a wide mouth for easy drinking and it’s totally leak proof.

You may already be a fan of Stanley’s muted, hammertone thermoses, which are among the most durable on the market and if you are new to Stanley’s products, you’re bound to love their hard-wearing construction.

Available in 7 different colors, this flask is great for concerts, camping and for every other occasion that you might need a tipple while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

Not cheap but a beautiful flask if you have the cash, the Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask has a level of distinction which is a cut-above regular hip flasks. For a start, it’s made from pure solid copper (with lead-free soldering).

Known as “the world’s original flask”, it was designed in 1819 by Jacob Bromwell and is just as popular today as it was back in the day. The flask holds 9 fluid ounces of your favorite liquor.

It’s American through and through. It features perfect attention to historical detail and hand-crafted workmanship. The Great American Flask is The Bromwell Company’s best-selling flask and has been for some time.

Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as a “distinctive product of the United States“, and this all-American flask is the perfect vessel for it. Classy and regal, the historically-correct design of the flask is as old as bourbon itself and is accurate all the way down to the American Birch stopper.

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The Original Shot Flask

This very cool shot flask has everything a regular hip flask has, but it also features a stealth-like 2 oz shot cup for quick tippling while you’re on the move.

The hidden cup is stored flat and is ready for action anytime you are. Using a collapsible design, it can be flattened for easy storage and quickly expanded when thirst strikes.

It’s a great flask if you’re a sharer and also makes an awesome gift for any adventure-loving guy or even girl!

Made from stainless steel and wrapped in bonded leather, the flask holds 8 oz of god’s nectar and comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

At the top end of flasks is the very desirable Snow Peak Titanium Round Flask. Again it’s not the cheapest hip flask in the list but let’s just say that you get what you pay for!

It’s actually made from Titanium (one of the lightest, strongest metals on earth) which is one of the best metals for flasks as it produces no off metallic flavors so as to preserve the taste of any scotch or bourbon whiskey.

The flask has a very cool concave shape which fits very neatly into back pockets. It’s also durable, lightweight, and holds up to 6.4 fluid ounces and comes with a suede carrying case and a handy funnel.

So if you want your liquor to taste the way that the manufacturer intended (with no metallic finish) and you also need your flask to last f a lifetime, the Snow Peak certainly won’t disappoint.

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