13 of the best wine gifts & accessories for oenophiles

Whether you are an infrequent tippler that has a glass or two during your Netflix & Chill session, or a total oenophile (a connoisseur of wines) that needs a steady flow of their favorite red, white, or rose, we’ve found the very best wine gifts and accessories to enhance the enjoyment of your favorite vino.

Best wine gifts accessories

As always on everydayape.com, much time an effort has gone into compiling this list of wine-related goodies which range from electric wine openers to cork retrievers to wine coolers.

All of the featured products are among the best in their respective classes and have only made the list if they meet our stringent criteria based on quality, popularity, value-for-money, innovation, and most importantly, customer feedback.

So whether you are an oenophile yourself or are looking for the best wine gifts for that wine-lover in your life, you are in the right place.

So grab yourself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or even a Chardonnay and dive into the wonderful world of wine with these top-rated wine accessories!

Coravin Model Two Plus Pack Wine Preservation System

The Model Two is the best of Coravin’s wine access system. This cool device lets you partake in a glass (or two) of your favorite vino of an evening, without spoiling the whole bottle.

If you do decide to have “one-more-for-the-road, the Coravin Model Two Wine System allows effortless pouring without any need to remove the cork.

This ingenious device uses a special wine needle, which actually slides alongside the cork and into the wine so gently that the seal does not break after the needle is removed. The back end of the needle inserts into the easy-to-squeeze clamp, which fits tightly around the bottleneck for a secure hold.

The unit is powered by pressurized Coravin Capsules, which are that are filled with argon gas to allow wine to be drawn from the bottle while keeping all oxygen out. This awesome bundle includes the Model Two unit, 2 argon capsules, 3 different needles, and a good-looking carrying case, for tippling on-the-go!

The standard needle is the toughest and fits the vast majority of bottles of wine, the faster pour needle is thinner to let the wine flow faster, and the vintage needle is for older or strangely-shaped bottles.

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Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

If you’re tired of struggling to open up your wine (or champagne), this cool electric wine opener could be the wisest money you’ve ever spent! This device is cordless and removes those “hard-to-budge” corks in seconds.

The Secura has a built-in, rechargeable battery which is good for opening around 30 bottles on a single charge. The Secura SWO-3N is made from tough stainless steel which looks great when placed in your liquor cabinet.

It easily fits into the palm of your hand and also features a foil cutter which is used for removing the seals on the bottles of your grape juice.

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Vintorio Wine Aerator & Pourer

What the heck is it and why do you need one? OK…..so you’ve got guests over for a swanky dinner party and you want to make the right impression with a perfectly served glass of wine.

The vast majority of wine-buffs recommend that you purchase a wine aerator (and actually a wine decanter, too). By using an aerator and decanter together, it will make your $40 bottle of wine live up to its price tag, instead of tasting like a $10 bottle.

Aerators work by helping the air filter into the wine. Yes, wine can aerate naturally if left to sit for an hour or two, but what about if you need to aerate it more quickly. That’s why every home should have an aerator on “stand-by” for unexpected and thirsty guests!

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Sovrano Wine Gems / Stainless Steel Wine Chillers

Many of us wish our wine was cooler but are too embarrassed to put a cube of ice in there!!!

Now you can chill your favorite glass of wine with these cool wine gems. An elegant alternative to ice cubes, these won’t water down your beverage or ruin the flavor of your pricey beverage.

Of course, they can be used for any kind of drink such as soda or coffee and each package includes four gems. They are similar to whiskey stones and perfectly chill any glass of champagne, spirits, soft drinks, or wine.

Each wine gem has the Sovrano logo laser etched on it and buyers also get a storage pouch to keep them safe. Made from food safe stainless steel that will never stain or rust, Sovrano gems make a great gift for cool beverage lovers and come with a lifetime warranty from Sovrano.

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NPW Drinking Buddies Wine Glass Markers

We all need a drinking buddy,….especially one who looks great in a banana-hammock!

If you’re a forgetful drunk and worry about getting your drink mixed up at parties, all you need to do is hang one of these handsome hunks on the side of your glass to mark your drink and avoid any embarrassing mix-ups.

Drinking buddies are a great choice for bachelor/bachelorette parties, picnics, or any other place where you tipple in the company of fellow tipplers.

Each package contains 6 Speedo-clad muscle men. Their names are Hook Brad, Chad, Josh, Ryan, Cody, and Mitch and their only aim in life is to guard your drink. Each hunk is approximately 2.2-inches long but of course, size doesn’t matter, does it?

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J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack

All of J.K. Adams’ wooden kitchen items are made with renewable and sustainable wood in Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Ash, or Hickory. For over 30 years, J.K. Adams has led and inspired the kitchen storage market with their gorgeous designs and top-quality craftsmanship.

Each piece is handcrafted and finished in Vermont, U.S.A. and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Each kit carries 12 bottles and measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches so fits into virtually any space. It’s also expandable by simply adding additional racks as your wine collection grows.

We have chosen this particular wine rack because it is extremely durable, very stable, and is one of the best-selling wine racks on Amazon today.

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BigMouth Inc Wine Bottle Glass (sarcastic stemware)

Next on our list of best wine gifts is the perfect wine glass!!!……this hilarious wine bottle glass holds an entire 750mL bottle of wine!

Featured on the Today Show, BuzzFeed, and The Tonight Show, this patented product is made of real glass but beware of counterfeits as many competitors are jumping. Only those products actually sold by BigMouth Inc are guaranteed.

BigMouth Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative lifestyle products based in Glastonbury, CT.

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Nutrichef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Next in our list of best wine accessories is an impressive stainless steel chiller from NutriChef. It looks great in modern kitchens or living areas with its clean lines and metal decor. This wine chiller shows off its delicious contents with soft LED lighting and a reinforced, clear glass door.

The Nutrichef is designed for floors or counter-tops but it definitely looks better on the ground due to its narrow design. It’s the perfect wine chiller for sliding into tight spots, where space is at a premium.

It has excellent insulation, a sturdy door (which gives an air-tight seal), and a large, easy-to-read display. Internally, its fitted with polished chrome racks which are perfect for storing your favorite Chardonnay.

The NutriChef is very compact measuring just 20” x 13.6” x 25.4”. There is also space for vertically stored bottles in there, too. Just remember that corked bottles must be used more quickly if they are stored in an upright position.

Functionality is as good as you’re going to get for the money. We love that Nutrichef is almost silent when in use and it can drop to the chosen temperature in less than an hour (depending on it’s surrounding temperature.)

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Leick Mission Wine Table with Storage Drawers

Leick Furniture has been a respected name in home furnishings since 1910 and has never succumbed to passing trends, using only solid hand-finished fine hardwood.

This beautiful wine table is totally free of fiberboard and features an exquisite wood grain that runs through the rich ash, to bring the feel of luxury to any room.

With a framed cabinet door and attractive metal hardware, this wine table is finished on all sides, so it can be placed anywhere in a room. It’s dead-easy to assemble, just attach the legs and shelf to the top, and then slide the drawers into their respective slots.

The Leick wine table is very modestly sized at just 13″ W x 36″ D x 30″ H. It features a slatted wine storage shelf, hanging stemware channels, and a large box drawer, which is perfect for storing other wine essentials, such as corkscrews and napkins.

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Insulated Travel Wine Tote Bag

For the wine lover that has it all, comes a mobile tote packed with everything you need for your next boozy trip absolutely anywhere!!!

The plush Picnic Lux Wine is always ready to go! All you have to do is add a bottle of red and some fancy cheese and you’re ready to rock the local picnic area.

The tote is handmade with a water-resistant polycanvas that doesn’t stain, tear or fade. It’s fitted with a patented iThermashield insulation that can keep your food/drinks either hot or cold. This means that you can enjoy an icy cold Lambrusco on a summer’s day or a cup of hot chicken soup when the weather turns cooler.

This wine bag has an innovative design that keeps everything in its rightful place. It can comfortably hold two wine glasses, a knife, a corkscrew, and a cheese board in one compartment and two standard bottles of wine plus some yummy cheese in the second compartment.

Dimensions are 10″L x 4″W x 13″H and it only weighs 1.5 LB making it ideal for anyone that loves wine, the outdoors, music festivals, outdoor concerts, picnics, camping or hiking.

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Stainless Steel 3-Pronged Wine Bottle Cork Retriever

No, a Cork Retriever is not a new kind of dog, but it could well be mans’ new best friend!

A cork retriever is a great new product that every wine lover should own. If you’ve ever tried to remove a cork from inside a wine bottle you know what a total “pain in the ass” it can be!!!

You had a good attempt at uncorking the bottle but to your dismay, instead of the cork coming out, it has ended up back in the bottle! Now you have the annoyance of drinking a bottle of wine with a cork floating in it or throwing away a perfectly good bottle of fermented grape juice.

But “STOP”, there’s a solution……a wine cork retriever is designed to remove the cork from within the bottle, so instead of throwing away your pricey wine, you can leap into action to rescue it!

This wine cork retriever is super-easy to use. It has three stainless steel prongs that go into the bottle and grab the cork with ease. They prongs spread out as they are pushed into the bottle, enabling you to “fish out” that pesky cork. Once the cork is safely in the prongs, just give a tug on the handle and you can pull out the offending article.

At such a tiny price, who wouldn’t want this wine-saving device sitting around for when the worst wine emergency arises!!!

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Alltemp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer

Your wine deserves to be served at the right temperature, so a wine thermometer is a “must have” item for all wine buffs.

This super-handy wine tool uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of wine without pouring it from the bottle. The digital thermometer measures temperatures ranging from -27 to 230 F (and it also has a Celsius option, too.)

This top-selling wine thermometer from Alltemp Select has a strong plastic casing and a clip which can be attached to your clothing. Not only is it good for wine, but it can also be used for other beverages and even food, making it one of the cheapest and best wine gifts available today.

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Le Chateau Wine Decanter – 100% Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass

Le Chateau makes elegant and durable wine decanters. Made from hand-blown lead-free crystal, they are used to enhance the purity, aroma, and taste of your favorite wine.

Le Chateau achieves perfection through detailed research & development and continuous testing. If you didn’t know, the most important thing in getting the maximum flavor from your vino is the amount of breathable surface area the wine is exposed to in the carafe. This particular model has an 8.5 in. wide bottom diameter, which is one of the largest you’ll find, to ensure maximum oxygenation of your wine.

With a staggering 20,000 satisfied customers, your taste buds are in good hands. It looks great being made from 100% lead-free crystal. We particularly love the slanted top which allows easy pouring without spilling a drop.

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