19 of the best Instagram accounts for men to follow right now

With an average of 1 billion monthly users, it can be tricky to find accounts that are worth following so we’ve done a ton of research to bring you nineteen of the best Instagram accounts for men to follow today!

Best Instagram accounts for men

Beer – brewtographyproject

First in our list of best Instagram accounts for men is about beer.

Photographer Dustin Hall has done an amazing job of bringing together incredible photography and the beer brewing process.

After nearly four years of photographing Colorado craft breweries, Hall and his wife Marcia share every little detail about how to make beer with a beautiful selection of images.

Food – dennistheprescott

Our favorite Instagram account for foodies is packed with stunning photography and some of the best recipes you will find anywhere online.

Dennis the Prescott features some of the most delicious comfort food from around the world that can be prepared by anyone (even if they are not particularly skilled in the kitchen).

So if you need a little inspiration of what to cook for your next meal, check out Dennis’s incredible array of original recipes for every mealtime as well as desserts, snacks, and sides that every man will love.

Tattoos – tattoos_of_instagram

There are thousands of Instagram accounts devoted to the art of tattooing but many of them have been thrown together without much care and attention.

Tattoos of Instagram is a breath of fresh air and has some of the best tattoos from around the world. This account features tattoos for men and women and is a great place to get ideas if you are considering getting inked.


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Trump – donaldtrumpdoingthings

With over 150K thousand followers, Donald Trump Doing Things is our favorite Instagram account for all things “Trump”.

From hilarious memes to some of his funniest and most shocking tweets, lovers and haters of the President are sure to find plenty of posts to tickle their funny bone.

Weed – nugshots

Instagram accounts about marijuana are some of the most popular on this social media site right now.

There are lots of accounts with the same old boring pictures but Nugshots really is a cut above the rest and surely one of the best Instagram accounts for men that enjoy ganja.

If you are into cannabis and the beauty of the plant, you really need to take a look at the stunning photography on this account. Some of the close-up pictures are mind-blowing and very interesting for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

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EDM – Electronicworld

The EDM Instagram account is our pick of the bunch for lovers of electronic dance music.

On top of all the wicked photos of the best DJ’s on the planet spinning tunes, there’s a link to the edm.com website which has tons of playlists, interviews and EDM merchandise for all you ravers out there.


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Travel – beautifuldestinations

With over 11 million subscribers and more than eight thousand posts, Beautiful Destinations is a great place to get travel inspiration and to connect with the globe-trotting community.

There are no grainy or out-of-focus pics on here, just super high-quality images of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Beautiful Destinations inspires their followers to have a positive impact on the world by featuring beach-cleaning campaigns and conservation efforts, which is something you won’t find on most run-of-the-mill travel accounts.

Gadgets – technigadgets

Technigadgets is a fantastic Instagram community for lovers of the latest tech and the coolest gadgets. You don’t have to be a geek to enjoy this one (but it helps).

Daily posts feature the coolest innovations for every area of your life. You can find gadgets for the home, the workplace, vehicles, school, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Working out – therock

Fans of fitness will probably be following this account already but if you’re not, do yourself a favor and hit that follow button.

For those that don’t know “The Rock” (A.K.A Dwayne Douglas Johnson) is an American actor, producer, and retired pro wrestler.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, what this dude doesn’t know about working out/bodybuilding/fitness isn’t worth knowing.

If you want more than the photos and short videos on his Instagram account, you can check out his autobiography “The Rock Says” which debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2000.

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Dating – tindernightmares

If you’re under 18, this hilarious Instagram account isn’t for you!

Followers of Tinder Nightmares simply submit screenshots of their funniest Tinder messages/chats and the best of the best are featured in their daily posts.

This account is growing fast and has approx 2 million followers that regularly drop by to read some of the dirtiest and most honest messages you will find.

So whether you’re a fan of dating apps or you think they’re the worst thing to happen to society, you’re gonna pee your pants when you check this out!

Vaping – vapetricks

Fans of all things vape will be in “hogs-heaven” when they take a peek at this carefully curated vaping related Instagram account.

Among the over four thousand posts, you will find info on the latest vaping products and accessories along with stunning photos and videos of twenty-somethings showing-off their vaping party tricks.


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American football – nfl

With over 11 million followers (and growing daily), NFL is a killer source for NFL video highlights, fantasy football, schedules, scores and most importantly beautiful images of your favorite American football stars.

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The outdoors – wilderness_culture

If you are an outdoorsy type, you’re gonna adore Wilderness Culture which is made by outdoor enthusiasts to provide resources and equipment information to inspire your next adventure.

There are lots of Instagram accounts competing in this space but this is by far our favorite!

The quality of the images is really something to behold and should be enough to get even the laziest of sofa-surfers off their asses and into nature.

Naked people – naked.in.nature

If you are an admirer of the human body and the great outdoors, you’re in for a treat!
This unique Instagram account is all about people getting naked…. in nature….what could be better?

These people and are tired of societal norms that pressure them to act or dress a certain way and just want freedom over their bodies in beautiful natural surroundings.

The community began as a way for the founder to post personal photos of her naked experiences in nature, but nowadays, photos are submitted all over the world from folks that just love the feeling of taking their clothes off to feel uninhibited and experience total liberation.

UFC – mmahistorytoday

Today modern day gladiators compete on a canvas surrounded by eight sides of fence called an Octagon.
Back in 1993, the U.F.C (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was created to find out which martial art was the most effective and who had the best style?

If you’re a fan of the UFC and MMA (mixed martial arts), this Instagram account is a fabulous way to learn about this incredible sport and the many stars of both past and present.


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Dads – howtobeadad

If you were looking for an Instagram account to tell you how to be a dad, this one’s gonna put a smile on your face.

With over six thousand posts, this account is designed to be an entertainment experience for fathers, soon-to-be fathers or anyone who’s had a father!

Take a quick peek and you’ll soon be saying “I’m glad I’m not the only one” as you peruse the huge library of memes, jokes, and advice for dads everywhere.

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Baseball – mlb

Lovers of baseball are flocking to this massively popular Instagram account with over 23 thousand posts covering the world of MLB (Major League Baseball).

If you didn’t know, MLB is the professional baseball league in the US and Canada and is made up of the National League and the American League.

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Funny – peejet

Started in May 2013, this Instagram account has gone viral on a number of occasions and is one of our favorite funny Instagram accounts for men at the moment.

In the account owned by NYC-based graphic designer PeejeT (Patrick Thorendahl), he has used his considerable Photoshop skills to makes his dreams come true by inserting himself into photos with celebrities such as Rianna and Nicki Minaj (in fact, Nicki even re-Instagrammed some of his posts on her own account).

You will usually spot PeejeT where their children or spouses were in the original photos – this might sound silly but it’s actually so funny that you might just pee-your-pants as you browse his hundreds of photos with Hollywood celebrities.

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MGTOW – lil_mgtow

Last in our list of best Instagram accounts for men to follow in 2018 is Lil Mgtow.

If you haven’t heard of MGTOW, this explanation may help:

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else.

It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.

Urban Dictionary

This fascinating Instagram account not only features related images but it also has links to Lil Mgtow’s many podcasts which are both entertaining and informative whether you believe in the philosophy or not.

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