Probably the Best Flashlight in the World

Best Flashlight in the World

Is the ThruNite the Best Flashlight in the World….Maybe!….but it’s certainly the BRIGHTEST!!

 The TN36 is waterproof for up to 1.5 meters and impact resistant for up to 2m. It is made with clear tempered glass which is very tough and aircraft grade aluminum.

While most of us don’t need such a powerful flashlight, this baby is perfect for law enforcement, the military, farmers that want to see their livestock, or any individual that wants to burn a hole in the atmosphere!

The Thrunite TN36 UT is a sterling example of just what modern flashlights can do, the high output of this combined with a huge array of modes gives you more power in your palm than you can shake a stick at!!

Is this best flashlight in the world… always drop us a line to let us know what you think:-)

Output mode / Runtimes are as follows:

Strobe – 7300 – lumens – 137 minutes

Turbo 7300 – lumens – 95 minutes

High 2500 – lumens – 194 minutes

Medium – 850 lumens – 587minutes

Low – 130 lumens – 54 hrs

Moonlight 1.6 lumens – 33 days

In our humble opinion the ThruNite TN36 UT 7300 is the best flashlight in the world and also the brightest….so if you need to light up the whole football field, the ThruNite TN36 UT 7300 could be right up your alley. There’s nothing discreet about this light. It was designed for one thing and that is to be a flood light and a great one at that giving almost 160 degrees of light.

This TN36 UT is dinky (as small as a 355 ml-capacity Coke can), but also gives the greatest light efficiency  with the max output up to 7300 lumens. It also features Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) technology which automatically lowers the current when temperature in LED or driver rises too high.
Best Flashlight in the World
If you are looking for the best flashlight in the world this could well be it! The Thrunite TN36 UT offers six different modes to choose from; strobe, turbo, low, medium, high, and firefly. A low voltage indicator that alerts you as to when the batteries need to be charged.

The TN36 UT comes with a nice quality holster, a lanyard, an extra switch, and some spare O-rings. It runs on 4 x 18650 batteries. The TN36 is built to the very highest standards from aircraft grade aluminum with awesome attention to detail.

When put into Turbo mode, you can expect a visible viewing distance around the 300m mark (which probably looks like a small nuclear explosion from a distance!) With a double click of the button, the flashlight acts as a strobe so perfect for emergency situations or impromptu raves.

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ThruNite TN36 2017 Max 10000 Lumen High Power Police Tactical Search Flashlight...

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