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We all know at least know someone that had had a motoring disaster where they have been locked out of their car. For those times, put down that brick because we have found the autoXscape tool. Usually owned by preppers and “bug out bag” types, this gadget could literally be the difference between life and death.

The autoXscape is an extremely important life saving device. Equipped with a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and flashlight, it could be worth its weight in gold if in a life threatening situation. Keep this tool fixed to your car interior with the handy included car mount.

Perish the thought but just imagine for a second that you are driving to work, a rogue deer leaps into the road, you swerve and flip down the embankment. How you gonna get out when you are upside down and your electric windows are closed?

Reach for your tool (which should be affixed to your dashboard), flip the top to reveal the razor sharp cutting blade and slice through your seatbelt like a knife through butter. Now you are free but caged by the windows. One good hit will shatter the driver’s door window and you are free to leave the wreckage.

The flashlight has three modes; low, high, and SOS. The SOS feature emits three fast pulses followed by three longer pulses which could be great if your car breaks down, the tool can be laid on the roof to alert any oncoming cars.

The autoXscape is powered by three AA batteries (which are included) and the runtime of the flashlight at 50 lumens is 20 hours and at its high setting of 135 lumens, you will get around 4 hours of juice.

The body of the autoXscape is machined aluminum and it has a very good rubber grip. It is drop and water resistant to one meter and is fitted with O-rings to keep the internal blade totally dry. The light is Cree LE and on the other end is a supertough tungsten window-breaker. The top can be easily removed to expose the seatbelt cutter and a secondary window breaker (in case the cap of the tool has been lost).

If you are like the average American driver, you will log around 14,500 miles each and every year. Don’t get caught without this nifty tool!!

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autoXscape Vehicle-mounted Lifesaving Flashlight with Escape Window Breaker, Rescue Seatbelt Cutter, and...

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