6 amazing advantages of electric shavers over traditional razors

Across the ages, men have been in pursuit of the cleanest and easiest shaving tool. Evolving from sharp, crude rocks to painful tweezers and rough scissors, it’s safe to say we went to great lengths over the years to keep hair from growing on our face.

Electric shavers vs razors

While the first razor was a godsend when it came to shaving the hair from our face, it was cumbersome to wield. If you wanted a good shave, you needed to visit the barber. There were several iterations of the single edge razor – the double-edged safety razor and a cartridge based multi-bladed razor, namely. While the single razor had a lot of prep time, the cartridge based system was expensive.

With the availability of time being a constraint as people got busier with their livelihoods, the need arose for a tool to get a clean shave done right at home. This paved the way for electric shavers.


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The advent of the electric shaver

Electric shavers offered a simple and easy solution to shaving that did not require honing the blade or making up the shaving cream, in short, a perfect in and out shaving system for those busy workday mornings.

Since their inception in the 1920s, electric shavers have become a huge success. Jacob Schick, after a failed attempt at the first electric razor, perfected the design and sent it out to the stores. It was safe to say everyone wanted one for themselves and the company had moved close to 1.5 million units by 1937. The people had accepted electric shavers into their daily lives, and it was here to stay.

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Are electric shavers much better than traditional razors?


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There is a general consensus that electric shavers, like everything modern, is the dilution of the age-old tradition of shaving. Is there any truth to this? Well, yes and no.

Firstly, not everyone out there is looking for the perfect shave all the time. Take me for example, on a muggy Monday morning all I want to do is get done with my morning routine and head out the door as quickly as possible. The hustle of modern times has made sure that this kind of routine is the norm rather than the exception. 10 times out of 10, I would choose the electric shaver over my traditional cartridge style razor blade because I’d be saving time.

Does an electric shaver offer a closer shave than my razor? No, it does not. Does it help me save time, so I don’t have to stay back at work for longer with a decent shave? You bet it does.

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Advantages of electric shavers over traditional razors


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While electric shavers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, a lot of people do prefer it over traditional shaving methods because of the obvious advantages it has over the latter. 

Simply put, as long as there are deadlines and people rushing off to meetings, electric shavers will always have a market share. Plus, technology has been improving consistently, and the “closeness” factor is being cut short (pun unintended) meaning that electric shavers are even more viable now.

Let’s take a look at 6 tangible benefits of switching over to an electric shaver:

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Quick & convenient

A significant advantage an electric shaver has over traditional methods is it requires absolutely no pre-shave prep – you take it out and shave.

Compared to a razor where you need to lather the right amount of shaving cream and set aside a brush and bowl to get started, this is far less time consuming and convenient. Plus cleaning your electric razor with the clean and recharge station is considerably easier than trying to get the gunk off your razor.

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While it’s a lot more expensive at the outset to get an electric shaver, traditional shaving equipment is a recurring expense.

If you buy a good brand of shaver that doesn’t break down easily, then it will pay for itself over time. It only requires a change of parts once a year and even that is not very expensive. But a traditional multi-bladed cartridge costs you much more over a 12 month period. Plus a multi-bladed razor head will only last you a few days before giving you razor burn.

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No nicks or cuts

Traditional shaving may have the edge for now when it comes to shaving closeness, but electric shavers are a lot more comfortable, and you will never nick or cut yourself using one.

If you want to save yourself the stares you get at work when your face looks like it just got into a fight with a sheet of paper, electric razors are the way to go.

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While this will always be the “trump card” that traditionalists hold against the electric shaver, to be honest, today’s electric shavers do provide a reasonably close shave.

While there is some distance to go comparatively, modern electric shavers cut close and are a lot safer than traditional shaving methods. Also, you get done with the saving in a lot less time. And the best part is that even budget electric shavers offer a good close shave these days.

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Easy for beginners

Shaving with an electric shaver is a lot easier than using a traditional razor for people who are starting out.

Also, it is easier to get good at shaving effectively using an electric shaver when compared to other razors. And if you’re making the switch to electric from regular razor, remember that your skin needs time to adjust.

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Shave wet or dry

Something that is often overlooked is the fact that you can shave wet or dry with an electric razor, of course, with the right model.

A lot of people who use an electric razor on occasions prefer to shave wet because it gives them a closer shave as well as reduce the possibility of skin irritations. Plus if you’re using a scented aftershave, it can leave behind a lingering fragrance that wafts around you even if it’s for a little bit.

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What you should know before your first electric shaver

What you should know before your first electric shaver

There are several models of shavers that are out there, and you need to do your research when it comes to finding the right electric shaver for yourself. You can also find out more about making an effective electric shaver purchase decision online.

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Type of tech

While electric shavers essentially do the same thing, different types of shavers vary in how they go about their job. Foil and rotary are the main technologies which are further sub-divided into wet and dry as well. If you are starting out, foil shavers are a lot gentler on your skin compared to rotary. But if you have thick facial hair, then you should opt for a rotary.

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Electric shavers are reasonably priced these days, but still, you need to consider the cost of owning one meaning replacement parts and other overheads. Don’t turn down a model just because it is expensive. Reading the fine print can sometimes reveal that they are a lot less expensive in the longer run.

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Cordless or plugin

Electric shavers come with rechargeable batteries or are of the plug-in type. This is a lifestyle choice – meaning if you are constantly on the go, then a cordless electric shaver can save you a lot of hassle. On the other hand, if you’re getting one for use at home, plug-in electric shavers are a lot better for the price.

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While it is tempting to buy the one that has all the bells and whistles, you need to make sure that you actually need them because you’ll be paying extra. It would help to go through the spec sheet to make sure that you are getting what you really want. There are shavers with pivoting heads which is pretty useful to cover areas like chin, jawline, and lips to name a few. Some waterproof electric shavers can also help you shave wet which is great if you do.

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Electric shavers have been around for quite a while now, and it has only been getting better. Traditional methods of shaving, although pure and comprehensive, are finding fewer takers because electric shavers have been catching up with them as well as there is no “groom-time” when it comes to modern life. If you’re looking for the best electric razor for men, check out our page right here.

As with everything, quicker and faster always has a compromise when it comes to quality. Nothing can quite beat the traditional shave from a barber. I even get one when I can find the time, and it leaves me much more relaxed at the end of it. But if this were on a workday, I probably wouldn’t have the time to spare!

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Learn to shave @ You Tube

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Which electric shaver should you buy?

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Best top-end shaver – Braun Series 9

Last updated on January 15, 2019 7:23 pm

The Braun 9 9095cc is the Rolls Royce of shavers. With a cool ergonomic design, long battery life, an elite cleaning system, and a four-way shear system, this shaver isn’t cheap but neither is a Rolls Royce!

Beautiful craftsmanship together with exceptional performance makes the new Series 9 edition is the best shaver you can buy at the moment.

As it’s fitted with Braun’s patented SyncroSonic Technology, it’s capable of generating 40,000 “cross-cutting actions per minute”. This guarantees a fantastic shave every time without the need to lather-up.

Regarding the technical stuff, the SyncroSonic shaver head has 4 specialized cutting elements, each performing a different job:

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology powered by sonic micro-vibrations remove more hair than any other shaver on the market.
  • The Direct and Cut Trimmer aligns and cuts hair even when it’s growing in different directions.
  • The HyperLift and Cut Trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs from problem areas like the neck and chin area.
  • The 2x OptiFoil ensures a perfect finish, closer than any other shaver.

The Braun Series 9 is also waterproof when submerged in water up to 5 meters deep, so you can wash it after use or even use it while taking a shower.

After the shaving is done, the Braun Series 9 has a dynamic cleaning system and comes with a nice travel case with a useful cleaning brush for purging facial hair when you’re on the move.

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Best mid-range shaver – Braun Series 7

in stock
15 new from $169.94
1 used from $158.04
Free shipping
Last updated on January 15, 2019 7:23 pm

No list of the best electric shavers would be complete without the Braun Series 7. Avid groomers love its high-tech features and cutting-edge mechanics which have made the Series 7 one of the most popular electric shavers of recent times.

The Series 7 boasts “Pulsonic Technology”. This means that the shaver can produce 10,000 micro-vibrations every minute for a perfect shave every time. The adaptive shaving motor helps to cut more hair with each stroke, even on very dense beards.

This smart shaver can be fully charged in an hour and one charge will give you a full week of cordless action making it a great choice for in-a-hurry groomers. The remaining battery time is clearly displayed in three steps so you never get caught without enough power to finish the job.

The Series 7 features an 8 direction flexible head which makes it easy to shave those hard-to-reach areas. The pivotal head requires a little adjustment but once you’ve done this a few times, it’s simple and straightforward to use.

This excellent shaver has five personalized shaving modes and like the Series 9, it’s waterproof up to 5 meters for worry-free cleaning in running water. And when you’re done with your shave, the alcohol-based Clean & Charge station automatically lubricates and charges the shaver so it’s always ready for action.

Made in Germany to last for up to 7 years, the Braun Series 7 790cc delivers exceptional shaving results that combine closeness and skin comfort and allow users to capture more hair with every stroke.

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Best budget shaver – Braun Series 3 ProSkin

in stock
21 new from $59.94
3 used from $54.20
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Last updated on January 15, 2019 7:23 pm

If you’re on a tight budget, the Series 3 offers high-end performance at a fraction of the price of its bigger brothers. While it may be cheaper, the Series 3 ProSkin is an effective and dependable machine that allows for fast and effective shaving.

Braun’s patented SensoFoil protects your skin from the blades while the ProSkin Micro Comb catches more hair in every stroke for a faster and more comfortable shave. The Series 3 also features an extra large precision trimmer which is perfect for shaping sideburns/mustaches and for trimming bushy beards prior to shaving.

Suitable for wet or dry shaving, the Series 3 is fitted with a powerful NiMH battery which can be fully charged in 1 hour. And if you’re in a rush, a quick 5-minute charge wields enough power for a single shave.

As with all of the shavers by Braun, the Series 3 is waterproof for up to 5 meters which means that it can be cleaned easily and hygienically under running water.

With pressure sensitive blades (that promote smoother strokes and protection from chafing and irritation) and a great nub-textured handle for easy gripping, the Series 3 easily is the best shaver you will find for under 100 bucks!

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